What is a Static Website


We do:

     We provide two options for static website. You can select from it.

  Single Page Multi Page
No. of Pages 1 5 to 7
Custom Design Yes Yes
Dynamic Layout Yes Yes
Image Sliders Yes Yes
Google Map Yes Yes
Customized Contact Form Yes Yes
SEO Yes Yes
Facebook Page Yes Yes
Twitter account Yes Yes
Google Analysis Yes Yes
Google Business Yes Yes
Add to Google Search Engine Yes Yes
Add to MSN Search Engine Yes Yes
Social Media Links Yes Yes
Social Media Sharing Yes Yes
WhatsApp Contact Link Yes Yes
Domain Name Registration Price Included Included
Hosting Price Included Included
Price in INR 5,000/- 7,500/-


What is a static website:

     A static website is a complete website, which works as regular website. Only the thing is that, its contents won't change frequently. Example: A Car - A car can have many fixed contents such as Brand, Size, No. of Doors, No. of Seats, Engine power, etc.. Even the price won't change frequently.


When to select static website:

     If your product details or content that dose not change frequently, then you can go for static website.


Charges for modification/updating static website:

     Common details such as Phone Number changes or Address changes ( Including map location modification )  are done for free.

     After Free modification time ( 30 days after completely hosted ):- We charge as per work loads.


If you need more pages for static website:

     If you need a static website with more than 7 pages - contact us. We charges as per work loads.


Project Completing Time:

     3 to 5 days.



     We maintenance your website as per contract time. Normally an year. We regularly update security patches and bug fix. Website framework, code and plugins are updated regularly. We check all our websites, two times a day. Updates are done at midnight, without affecting the site.